Smiles and Dreams by Srinivas RS
Favourite toy – The Wooden Horse Rocker
Toys play a great part in kids life. Some become integral part of their life,  their life style and their memories. Growing up they are attached to few ones, we adults can’t comprehend to it. This Horse rocker was one such, we bought this in channapatna ( the town famous for hand made wooden toys ). Initially when he saw in store he immediately climbed on it, but after we bought it home he lost interest and it sat in the corner for a very long time. It took him another 6 months to even lay his glance on it and one day all of a sudden it became his favorite toy. So this eve we decided to capture it into memory!!. While he was being himself, I laid down, literally!! to capture few images of him.              
Jan 11
Pulicat lake – My first trip to the amazing water lagoon in chennai
My first trip to our own Pulicat lagoon located in chennai. I didn’t know until I visited that pulicat is the second largest brackish  lagoon in India . Since it hasn’t been commercialized yet, very few people know about this place and that’s also the reason this lake offers as the pitstop for most of the the migratory birds. And it’s a Birders paradise!!. I got invitation from Munish and Anzer last April when they had a spot vacant and I jumped on the opportunity. This was my first experience with the wildlife enthusiasts. I had no clue about the terminologies they were using, but enjoyed every moment spotting the birds glide, dive and take off in style. Till the moment I stepped on the boat, I had no clue that these brackish waters were shallow. The average depth 0f the waters were some where between 3 to 4 feet. I have to mention about the Boat rider, aka the captain was resourceful. He pointed us when different variety of bird showed up. Surprisingly he even knew all the scientific names of the variety of birds. He would call the birders saying he spotted a flock of flamingo, painted stork […]
Jan 06
First mini Trek – A quiet outdoor family time.
This was from the first mini trek we took our Son behind his Grand parent’s home. There is a small hillock behind their home, which overlooks a reserve forest. So we decided to spend our eve there till the sun turned fiery and went down. The little fella was so happy when I carried him all the way to the top. Was it because of the cool breeze hitting his face , or for the top angle view that he was seeing for the first time, or for the small pond that he saw for the first time, or for the rocks and the new terrain that we allowed him to play on, he was pumped up for sure!!. we knew he was an outdoor kiddo from the moment we set him free on the terrain, with the little squeal of delight he was reconfirming us that he was enjoying every moment being there. Then to his delight and much to us, we spotted a herd of goats. we knew he would be attracted and will be drawn to it and to our relief he stopped his racing. we knew the herder and the little girl was happy to let […]
Bharatanatyam – Arangetram of two sisters Nivedha and Neeraja
Known for elegance, style and perfection, Bharatnatyam is an art form that cant be looked away from. I was thrilled to be invited to the Arangetram ceremony of the sisters Nivedha  and Neeraja.  I went on to learn that Bharatanatyam originated as a temple dance tradition called Dasiyattam almost 2000 years ago and is perhaps the most advanced and evolved classical Indian dance form. Bharatnatyam literally encompasses emotions displayed to rhythms and melodies as a dance.  The dance form emphasizes on the hand movements to convey different kinds of emotions to the spectator.The steps of the dance are based upon a balanced distribution of body weight and firm positions of the lower limbs, allowing the hands to cut into a line. The hands flow around the body to take positions that enhance the basic form. The dance form demands its artists to be soulfully dedicated and determined.  The Arangetram ceremony was exuberant with the venue full of friends and family to cheer the girls. The chief guest for the ceremony was Actor Vineeth, a renowned dancer himself. In a few minutes I was travelling with the graceful dancers on the story they spun, their expressions pulled me along. All those […]
May 10
To All the Lovely Mom’s..Happy Mothers day!!.
Mom is the word, it reminds me of everything going back to perfection. My earliest memory on earth features her. With time I’ve changed, moving away from her. What makes her special still, is how everything I’m familiar with brings an emotion attached to her. Kids photography has everything to do with the special bond between the mother and child, it sure does amaze me. My own wife and my son, I do feel left out when it comes to them. That doesn’t stop me from admiring them. I dedicate this post to all those beautiful women, who have been the ray of hope from the first breathe of their child. To all the lovely Mom’s out there. wish you a very Happy Motherss Day!!.                      
Employee to Self Employed – Quite an eventful 1 yr journey.
2014 Jan 17 was my last day of my corporate life at TCS, the place I called home for 8.5 years. The day before I quit, I spoke with my friends and project mates, roamed around all the office. I even visited the office Library, the place I heard existed but never stepped into. In short, I was not ready for it mentally even though I had served the 30 day notice period and I knew the day was coming. But the mere thought that I would not be having an ID card from next day, brought a strange feeling in me. I was not ready for it yet. The Fear: I was shit scared beyond belief. I was 30 then, My son was 5 months old, My wife had quit her job and here I was walking out of my comfort zone. The mere thought of it sounded suicidal to my father, when reading the above statement it sounds to me too:). He with his best interests tried to pour some sense into me. But I knew that if I don’t do it now, I would never do it again. My wife simplified the situation by asking me a […]
My Year of 2014 – A Review ,In Short A big Thanks!!.
Hello Every body!!. Wish you a fabulous 2015. 2014 was a fabulous year to me, personally!!. This was the year I took a plunge from my close to decade of cubicle experience into the wilderness of photography. When I sit back and rewind my experiences , I am amazed by the turnout of events this whole year and to be frank it turned out more awesome than I anticipated. This was the year of learning, moving fwd , expanding my horizons , meeting new people, learning a lot from my mistakes and rediscovering myself. On the wedding front, this year kickstarted with an Indo-US-Italy wedding . And there was a variety of weddings to keep us busy spanning from few close friends in a wedding to a whole town turning out. In short, each wedding was unique and experience-rich. As the clock is slowly ticking towards the new day , all I could say is this year couldn’t have been better with out each one of you friends , clients and Team members , who believed in me and entrusted the big responsibility of documenting the biggest day of your lives. I feel honored and blessed!!. Wish you all a […]
Portfolio Shoot with friends – Personal project for practice